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Hello! Just heard about this site after making a post on craigslist and thought it was worth a try. :D

About Her: 21 years old, turning 22 March 20th. Stay at home mom. Online college student, currently pursuing Bachelor's in Child and Family Development, then going for a Master's of Special Education. Loves spending the day with the little one, going out to the park or mall play areas. Likes doing girly stuff like hair and nails, but is a mom and does not spend hours every morning putting "A face" on or doing fancy hairdos. Loves to bake and do crafty projects. Wants to learn to do some pottery and will be learning to play guitar soon. Is working on expanding cooking skills. Currently pregnant with daughter #2 due on May 3rd. Would love to have other mommy friends to make play dates with or hang out with for some "mommy pampering time".

About Him: 28 years old, turning 29 in April. Works as a Night Auditor at a fancy hotel. Also an Online college student, currently studying Electronics Engineering. Talented musician (plays guitar, bass guitar, does some recording), great at figuring out how to fix things, computers, cars, etc. Plays PS3 and Vita. Would like guy friends with similar interests, have a guys night at a sports bar or something. Favorite bands: Tool, System of a Down, Flogging Molly, Volbeat. A great cook. From Helena, Montana.

About Us: We are happily married and have a 2 1/2 year old daughter, with another on the way. Neither of us really have friends to hang out with. All our friends are single, child-less, and in the party mode never wanting to hang out with us. We have just been doing family stuff and being each other's best friend for a while now. Both of us would like to find a good friend to talk to or hang out with once in a while for guys or girls nights, family activities with kiddos, and maybe even get grandparents to watch kiddos for grown up nights out. We enjoy going to the casino once in a while to play blackjack and roulette or going to a bar to play pool (when we can). We also like taking the kiddo to the aquarium, zoo, park, rainforest cafe, whatever the budget allows. :D We also enjoy attending concerts and going to emerald downs during the racing season. We are also both members at Vision Quest, and wouldn't mind "work out buddies". :D

We are both pretty laid back, and fairly liberal. Our political views include: more gun control will not stop crazy people from murdering innocent people, crazy people do not follow the laws anyways so why restrict the people who do. And we are not religious, don't mind if you are, we try to be tolerant but we ultimately do not get along well with overly preachy people.

Any questions feel free to ask. :D

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