There's nothing worse than being alone in a crowd

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There's nothing worse than being alone in a crowd

Post by alex89 » Wed Apr 09, 2014 10:02 pm

Hello all,

My wife and I are very social people, living in Deerfield Beach. We used to party hard, and when we got pregnant in 2011, we sobered up and got serious. We are both from Broward/Palm Beach County, and still know lots of people from high school, college, etc.. But nobody seems to be like us; We are very goal-oriented people, with big plans for our professional lives and our family. We do not party, nor do we score how good of a time we had somewhere by how many drinks we had or how much we remember (or the lack thereof).

We both love to laugh and are open to trying new things, with the exception of unnecessarily dangerous or illegal activities (our impulse control is pretty solid). We don't worry about what people do on their own time, as long as it does not effect us (like if you smoke- your choice, your lifestyle. Just don't smoke near us or our child. The same goes for the other smoke).

We adore our son and can't wait for our next one to arrive. Any time the weather permits, we are outside having fun. My son and I average about 2 hours a day at the park and another 45 minutes to an hour playing around outside. If we can get to the beach, we make a trip of it. If not, we love the pool.

Anyhow, contact me if you have similar interests, goals, nuances, etc. Crazies need not apply. Also, save the drama. That is one positive to minimal peer association, is the lack of personal drama we have to deal with on a regular basis!

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