looking for friends near Tulsa Ok

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looking for friends near Tulsa Ok

Post by BrianAndSally » Mon May 04, 2020 12:16 pm

Hello, my husband and I are 52 and 59, looking for another couple or couples for friendship only. we enjoy the outdoors, rafting down the Illinois, hiking and getting out in nature. we love spending time out on our patio and swimming in the summer we love to explore new dining experiences, although with current circumstances we are not out and about so much. we do not have any children of our own but have mentored an adult daughter who is happily married and just had her first child in January. we are super excited but have not been able to have much contact due to the pandemic. we both like to read, enjoy quiet time in a coffeehouse, I love to go to boutiques and shop, mostly look :) I enjoy creating new things and learning new things, crafting, knitting are some of the hobbies I enjoy currently. I tried macramé and loved it also. I enjoy yoga, yoga Nindra and restorative yoga. I generally practice yoga at home but do enjoy going out for restorative yoga when they have it. I like to cook and trying to work into a new healthy lifestyle of whole eating and foods. we enjoy going new places, and festivals. Eureka Springs is a favorite shopping stop and all around peaceful getaway. we like to travel when we are able, explore new museums and monuments.

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