need some advice....

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need some advice....

Post by its4fun »

So I'm wondering how we find other couples in our area? Joplin Missouri ...
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Re: need some advice....

Post by Boyce870 »

Not sure we live out side of jonesboro arkansas put a post up and have had over 60 views but not one reply not sure if people are scared to or what wish y'all luck and if y'all would like to chat we would love to have new friends but I know we are a long way from yall
Mr. & Mrs. Johnson
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Re: need some advice....

Post by Mr. & Mrs. Johnson »

Hey Guys!!! We have the same problem here in Greenville, SC.... This city is not small but finding couples is hard.. It seems like everybody here is living the single life... LOL!! :)
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Re: need some advice....

Post by jedi7872 »

We're having the same issue up here in Indiana. We live close to Louisville, KY...but apparently there's no one from Southern Indiana or Lou on here. It's rather frustrating. We're tired of Craigslist and the constant spam, fake people and crap. The bar scene doesn't work for us either because we're not drinkers. Socially with our friends, is another story...but just to go drink, not our thing.
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Re: need some advice....

Post by markuslavin »

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